Kia Sedona ‘School of Rock’ on display at Chicago Auto Show

By Product Expert | Posted in Kia Sedona, New Vehicles on Friday, February 17th, 2017 at 7:37 pm
Kia Sedona School of Rock Concept Chicago Auto Show

Kia presented four hand-built concept vehicles at SEMA last year in order to give drivers “a glimpse into the future of ‘the autonomous life.’” We were lucky enough to see the Kia Sedona ‘School of Rock’ concept on display at the Chicago Auto Show this week, and we’re going to share some of the exclusive images that we got!

These concepts were designed to be ‘self-driving machines’ catering to all walks of life from sports players to entertainers to business personnel. As you can imagine, the Sedona School of Rock concept is designed to appeal to musicians looking for an exciting way to get to their next gig. The perk is that they wouldn’t even have to drive themselves!

Kia Sedona School of Rock front grille Chicago Auto Show
Kia Sedona School of Rock rearview Chicago Auto Show

Features in the Kia Sedona ‘School of Rock’ Concept

This vehicle is filled to the brim with fun features that are sure to catch the attention of any musician that travels for their shows. Kia partnered with the School of Rock to turn the Sedona into the ultimate gig van. We’re going to highlight some of the noteworthy features that are found in this mobile studio.

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This concept features a studio as well as a spot for the band to chill when they’re not recording. The most notable change to the interior of the Sedona is the removal of the driver-side B-pillar, steering assembly and gear selector. In its place is a digital mixing board and dual flat-screen monitors so the band can record their tracks.

Kia Sedona School of Rock side view Chicago Auto Show

There are speakers in the front, and when the band is playing there will be a RECORDING sign that lights up on the roof. The singer can utilize the boom mic that hands from the ceiling. Acoustic foam panels line the cabin in order to reduce the amount of noise that’s heard from the outside. If the band decides to play an impromptu show, they can lift the rear gate to reveal a set of amps. There’s also a ton of storage on the roof for various eqiupment.

Those interested in learning more about the Sedona ‘School of Rock’ concept are welcome to contact our team here at Kia of Marin for more information. Drivers can get behind the wheel of a traditional Sedona model by scheduling a test drive online today.

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