What are the Best 2016 Kia Family Cars

Two Kia Vehicles Named to Best Family Cars of 2016 List

What are the Best 2016 Kia Family Cars?

While the fast, fun, sporty vehicles are exciting, those of us with children know that driving the sexiest car on the street simply isn’t practical anymore. Where would we put the car seat, or any of their soccer or football equipment? Better yet, where would we put the kids? But just because you can’t purchase the two door convertible anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t still get a sleek and stylish family vehicle. That has been one of Kia’s top priorities these past few years, and the results are starting to show! So what are the best 2016 Kia family cars? There are two that made this year’s Parents magazine and Edmunds.com list of the 10 Best Family Cars of 2016. Read the rest of this entry >>

Apple CarPlay in New Kia Vehicles

Prepare for Apple CarPlay in Your New Kia!

Apple CarPlay in New Kia Vehicles

As a car dealer here in California, we know just how much people love their Apple products. From phones to tablets to computers, Apple has had the field covered from a technology standpoint. Now the iconic brand is looking to stamp its mark on the automotive market with its Apple CarPlay interface. Well, after months of waiting, we are happy to say that you will now be able to get Apple CarPlay in new Kia vehicles going forward. Read the rest of this entry >>